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About Us

What you get with products from MODERN PRECAST


Our products are of the highest quality and durability, manufactured in the United States of America.

A Finish Smooth as a Baby's Bottom   One recent customer remarked, after running his hand over the finish of a piece, "My goodness, as smooth as a baby's bottom". Similar remarks are heard quite often. Our finish is superior to anything you find anywhere.


Quality and durability meet or exceed customer expectations. However, infrequently, when that is not the case we will do all in our power to satisfy every customer. When product is defective because of manufacturing we replace it.


In business since 1980, we continue to grow, expand product lines, and work hard to meet the demands of a more discriminating customer.


We pride ourselves in quality craftmanship in design, mold making and the manufacturing process. Our heritage is one of attention to detail and creative problem solving to make each project succeed.

Our design, mold making and mixing/finishing systems allow us the flexibility to produce custom products of varying strengths, finishes, and colors to fit each individual project.

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Modern Precast has been in business since April 1980, first established under the name Modern Concrete Fence by Clarence "Stu" Buehner and Craig Jensen. The business began manufacturing, selling and installing concrete fencing. The precast fence system was the first line of products and the mainstay of production during the early years. Additional products were added as demand increased for high quality masonry and architectural items. The product line has continued to diversify and demand has continued to grow for items cast from custom-made molds and in a variety of finishes and colors.

Stu sold his interest in the company to Craig in 1989 and the company was renamed Modern Precast to better reflect the nature of the business. MPC was incorporated in 1996 with Abel Vasquez and Claude Bowman as members of the management team and stockholders.