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Balls & Finials

21X10 Pineapple Finial
65 pounds each
Regular Gray = $47.70
Color Mixed In Gray Cement = $54.86
Color Mixed In White Cement = $62.01
Pricing does not include shipping.
Colors are subject to a $55.00 batch minimum.

Precast concrete balls and finials are designed to fit on a standard pier or tier cap with a flat top. Balls are made in 8", 12", 18", and 22" diameters. Balls can also be made with no base and be reinforced with a length of rebar out the bottom for insertion into a pier or tier cap with a 3 " hole in the center. Dimensioned drawings are available to view on our "circular ball dimensions" page.

Ball Colors

Balls and finials are available in these standard colors and other desired colors. Colors may vary depending on monitor resolution.

Colors Mixed In White Cement
White Ash Almond
Blond Wheat Light Tan

Colors Mixed In Gray Cement
Regular Slate Gray Charcoal
Oak Burnt Orange Honey Slate
Cypress San Diego Buff Peach
Sunset Rose Red Brick Copper Canyon
Sand Beige Coral Reef Adobe
Mustard Buckskin Carmel
Taupe Redwood Chocolate