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Concrete Fencing

BENEFITS OF CONCRETE FENCE (Continued)    Stone Crete fences offer privacy as well as significant protection against fire and noise. They are used on conventional residential and commercial sites, and are recommended for use in areas with high seasonal fire risk or with heavy traffic flow or other sources of ambient noise. They are also virtually maintenance free. They need no painting or staining under normal conditions and they don't pit, corrode, splinter, rust, peel, blister or crack. They keep pets in and stray animals out. They can be designed to prevent your pets from seeing passing strangers that cause them to bark while letting adults maintain visual contact with the neighborhood.

STURDY AND DURABLE    Posts are reinforced with steel rebar, Standard Panels with galvanized steel mesh, and Decorative Panels with hot-rolled steel pencil rod. All components are made with Portland Type I/II cement which withstands pressures up to 6,000 pounds per square inch. Because they are modular elements, individual panels and posts can be easily removed and replaced if damaged. This may be the last fence you will ever need. Fences installed 15 to 20 years ago are still standing and look as if they had been installed just recently.

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