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Window and Door Trim

Modern Precast is under new ownership and is now located in Gary, IN, with operations starting soon. Prices are subject to change.

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Precast concrete window and door trim can be used around windows, doors, or any other opening. They can add to the architectural design (classical, southwestern, colonial, etc.). Several standard colors are available.

The main types of trim we offer are step surrounds and channel surrounds. Straight and corner pieces are available. End pieces can be flat or staggered. Curved (radius) pieces for step surrounds can be assembled to make pieces in sizes between 1 and 8 feet. Channel surrounds standard pieces are 2" thick but can be made 4" thick.

Our step surrounds dimensions page shows some of the sizes. (Length dimensions are nominal.)

Curved (radius) pieces for channel surrounds can be assembled to make pieces in sizes between 1 and 7 feet. Other standard items we offer may also be used with the trim as desired. Standard sizes of step surrounds are:

Window and Door Surround Colors

Window and door surrounds are available in these standard colors and other desired colors. Colors may vary depending on monitor resolution.

Colors Mixed In White Cement
White Almond Cream
Ash Safety Yellow

Colors Mixed In Gray Cement
Regular Slate Gray Charcoal
Dusty Beige Acorn Walnut
Hazel Peach Apricot
Adobe Rose Taupe Red Clay