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Here are a few comments from our customers:

  • I only go to Modern Precast because they give me quality service and a fair price.
    - Mason Contractor, Utah

  • The dimensions always fit just the way you say and I don't have to do repeats.
    - Mason Contractor, Idaho

  • Your help in the design process was appreciated and the answers to the technical questions are what I needed. Thanks for your help and time.
    - Architect, Chicago

  • The quoins were so well done on the first house, I used them on the next one. Great job!
    - Builder, North Carolina

  • The quoins added the special finishing touch on our home and the color fit perfectly.
    - Home Owner, Arizona

  • The tier caps put the final finishing touch to our fence. It is classy.
    - Home Owner, North Dakota

  • You guys are the best, that's why I keep coming back.
    - General Contractor, Utah

  • These wall caps are fantastic!
    - General Contractor, California

  • When we completed the job, the home owner was pleased with the finished product. Your help was invaluable as we worked through the changes.
    - Mason Contractor, Washington

  • It's been a year since we insalled precast patio stones from your company. They are keeping the weeds from growing so they save me time and the finish is clearly better than anything in the big box stores. Good work!
    - Home Owner, Utah

  • My husband drove over and picked up the caps this morning. They look fantastic!
    - Home Owner, Colorado