Address blocks


Address blocks come in 4 styles: 9″x13″, 10″x18″ plain, and 12″x18″.



Address block above step surround band on this home

Precast concrete address blocks (markers) are installed in the brick or stone veneer of a home or building. They can be placed near the front door, over a garage, window, or other entrance, or in a brick mailbox on the street. Blocks can be made thinner with attachments for use on a stucco home.

Address blocks are designed for addresses up to six numbers. The numbers are ¾” deep and can be easily read from the curb of most streets. Font style is Garth Bold. Custom font styles are available. Where one to three numbers are needed, a larger font can be used.

*Modern Precast is under new ownership and is now located in Gary, IN, with operations starting soon. Prices are subject to change.


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