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Precast Concrete Molds

Original Cost Over 1 million, Now Selling for $180,000 O.B.O

We are selling more than 2,400 molds with $700K/year sales potential.

The molds are primarily high quality, custom made, and hand tooled fiberglass molds that are designed to withstand hundreds of pourings. Other molds are good quality metal molds. The original cost of the molds was more than 1 million dollars. By and large, the molds are in good condition and can be put to immediate use.

Though a sale of all of the molds as a whole is preferred, seller is willing to split into smaller groups of molds if needed. Seller motivated to sell ASAP.

All of the architectural pieces (coping, pier caps, sills and lintels, surrounds, quoins, keystones, columns, balls, stair treads) can be purchased for $100,000. The fencing line molds are available for $40,000. The lawn/garden items (patio stones, lawn edgers, tree rings, and splash blocks) are available for $40,000.

Molds available (details on specific sizes and amounts available)

  • Coping/wall caps--232
  • Patio stones-431
  • Sills and lintels--285
  • Pier and tier caps--164
  • Keystones--85
  • Fencing posts and panels--379
  • Columns--53
  • Surrounds--115
  • Quoins--221
  • Splash blocks--24
  • Parking bumpers--41
  • Other misc--291

A list of 50 customers around the country wanting to buy products immediately will be given to the buyer. Previous owner can give information about best techniques to create the best quality products. Current website with excellent Google rankings can be forwarded to the new owner, as well as a free consultation on marketing the products online.

If you are interested in purchasing molds, contact us at or through phone/text to 801-783-1154.